Business Strategy and Advisory

Our business strategy practice works with a diverse portfolio of clients on growth initiatives and improving enterprise value. We work collaboratively, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to help our clients make their strategic planning goals a reality. We work with a wide variety of companies to support their growth strategy, through internal innovation, acquisitions, or both. We also support strategic transformation within specific functional areas, often as a first step in our broader service line efforts.

How We Work

While we often leverage our proprietary tools and playbooks to jump-start strategy work, collaboration with our clients is a key ingredient in any project. We combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to generate recommendations and, when requested, build a roadmap that details how they can be best implemented in the context of the client environment.

Industry Sub-Segments

Our Strategy practice provides services across several industries, including Consumer Products, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Nonprofit.

Practice Area Service Offerings:
  • Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transformation
  • Post-Merger Integration Road Mapping
  • IT-Business Strategies
  • IT-Business Value Management
  • Our strategy service offerings include helping clients identify and create new sources of growth by developing innovation processes and distinctive brand strategies with differentiating value propositions. We also help corporations with strategic planning by identifying key links between the operational realities of their business and the dynamics of their particular industry. KCI's strategy services also provide post-merger integration and strategic transformation support to companies undergoing these specific changes.

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