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Global presence, local reach

In just a few years, KCI professionals have helped clients successfully manage their most complex, high-stakes business problems.

Founded in Canada in 2011, KCI has provided leadership in a wide range of strategy, finance and risk management assignments for clients in virtually every industry. Its international expansion began in 2012 when the firm entered the Central African market, and later that year, the Chinese space.

Today, KCI continues to provide a broad range of strategy and advisory solutions to stakeholder groups including boards of directors, investors, entrepreneurs, government institutions and the legal community.

Our experts provide advice and leadership spanning:

    • Business Strategy
    • Global Expansion Planning
    • Management Restructuring
    • Corporate Finance and Valuation
    • Risk Model Development

We pride ourselves on being able to offer seamless support across borders via our own teams and those of our global affiliates. Through our international network we are able to think globally and act locally whether engaged on a local middle-market assignment or the most complex of cross-border expansion.

Trusted advisors: our clients trust us because we provide them with insightful, creative and relevant advice; they choose us for our intelligence not our scale.

High quality people: our clients value both the clarity and quality of thought that our people deliver in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

The bigger picture: our clients know that we see each client assignment as more than just a transaction; it is a relationship. They appreciate the bespoke approach we take on every engagement.

Leadership and experience: our client engagement teams are all led by Partners with a proven track record of developing and delivering commercial solutions to complex problems.

Breadth and depth of knowledge: our clients understand our extensive track record across all major industry sectors both in the UK and internationally.

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